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Die 2 - 27 to R17 (White)

  • C10/P027/AC-AD/C5597
    £22.00 C10/P027/AC-AD/C5597
    SG40 (C10) plate 27 AC-AD (AD re-entry) pair, fine used.
  • C10/P027/BD/C5490
    £12.00 C10/P027/BD/C5490
    SG40 (C10) plate 27 BD fresh entry, fine used.
  • C10/P027/BD/C6013
    £18.00 C10/P027/BD/C6013
    SG40 (C10) plate 27 BD re-entry, very fine used.
  • C10/P038/IB/C6016
    £20.00 C10/P038/IB/C6016
    SG40 (C10) plate 38 IB tied to piece by scarce STAPLEHURST sideways duplex dated 27 October 1857, fine and attractive.
  • C10/P043/LC/C6113
    £20.00 C10/P043/LC/C6113
    SG40(C10) Plate 43  LC MINT, good gum.
  • C10/P046/LI/C2621
    £9.00 C10/P046/LI/C2621
    SG40 (C10) plate 46 LI fresh entry, very fine used.
  • C10/P047/CG/C5841
    £25.00 C10/P047/CG/C5841
    SG40 (C10) plate 47 CG fine mint.
  • C10/P049/DD-DE/C6176
    £75.00 C10/P049/DD-DE/C6176
    SG39 (C10(3)) 1d pale rose DD-DE plate 49 good used horizontal pair, very scarce in this shade on white paper, 1987 BPA certificate (referring to C10(4) - this listings were reclassified in the specialised catalogue post...
  • C10/P052/CI-CJ/C2668
    £25.00 C10/P052/CI-CJ/C2668
    Plate 52 SG40 (C10) CI-CJ and CK-CL two pairs tied to a dated piece to France.
  • C10/P057/GC/C6154
    £25.00 C10/P057/GC/C6154
    SG40 (C10) plate 57 GC fine MINT
  • C10/P058/SA/C6072
    £15.00 C10/P058/SA/C6072
    SG40 (C10) plate 58 SA MINT example, fine with gum.
  • C10/P062/KJ/C2849
    £200.00 C10/P062/KJ/C2849
    Plate 62 SG40 (C10) KJ cancelled by large part of a blue SHIP cancel, highly unusual and very fine and attractive.
  • C10/P062/MD/C5846
    £25.00 C10/P062/MD/C5846
    Plate 62 SG40(C10) MD a mint example with good gum.
  • C10/P062/NE-NF/C5847
    £60.00 C10/P062/NE-NF/C5847
    Plate 62 SG40 (C10) NE-NF a mint pair with good gum.  Some perf splitting at base between the stamps.
  • C10/P064/CH/C3353
    £90.00 C10/P064/CH/C3353
    Plate 64 SG40 (C10) CH a good example with slight perf faults at the base.
  • C10/P064/KG/C3354
    £90.00 C10/P064/KG/C3354
    Plate 64 SG40(C10) KG a good example with sligth perf faults at the left, rare.
  • C10/P068/DE/C6158
    £25.00 C10/P068/DE/C6158
    SG40 (C10) plate 68 DE fine MINT
  • C10/PR15/BG/C5468
    £8.00 C10/PR15/BG/C5468
    Plate R15 SG40 (C10) BG fine used, variety: mark above NW square. 
  • C10/PR17/AF-BF/C5855
    £50.00 C10/PR17/AF-BF/C5855
    Plate R17 SG40 (C10) AF-BF mint pair with good gum, reinforced between the stamps.
  • C10/PR17/BH/C5878
    £10.00 C10/PR17/BH/C5878
    Plate R17 SG40 (C10) BH distinctive H tied to small piece by NEWCASTLE ON TYNE duplex October 21 1863, fine.
  • C10/PR17/ND/C5751
    £30.00 C10/PR17/ND/C5751
    Plate R17 SG40 (C10) ND a dated example used on 12 September 1876, very late used, fine.
  • C11/P059/GD/C3231
    £18.00 C11/P059/GD/C3231
    Plate 59 SG36 (C11) GD fine used.
  • C13/PR16/AE/C2641
    £24.00 C13/PR16/AE/C2641
    Plate R16 SG40 (C13) AE sold, OF, TH each showing a double check letter, fine/very fine used. £12.00 each.